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Something feels weird today. Lifeless? Dull? Boring?

Maybe it's just me feeling guilty sleeping till noon, and not doing enough work to compensate for the "wasted" time. >_>

I've been spending the day designing a house/cabin for an architect by the name of Kazuyo Sejima, as part of the subject Architectural Design 1B. Having built a model and done a drawing of an initial design, I decided to change my mind completely. just isn't my thing. > > > *NEEDS INSPIRATION* < < <

Anyways, a week has passed since the holiday, aka. non-instruction-period, aka. the-long-long-two-weeks-of-agonizing-EMOTIONAL-pain-and-lack-of-sleep-and-toxic-fumes-from-super-glue-and-much-much-more.

Quite a crappy life really.

Wake, model, sleep. Repeat. It would have been tolerable if sleep was 15 hours and 9 hours modeling, but that certainly was not the case. 15 hours modeling and 9 hours sleep.

Recent random mildly interesting events:
- demonstration of the indestructible new iPod touchscreen
- more stoners in the Architecture building than ever seen before

Here's a random thought that popped into my head which I'll share with you people.

Why do I just seem to start slacking off AFTER the mid-semester break? Same thing happened last semester. I was working real hard and producing some good work before the short 2 week break. Now it's like....homework, *scribble*, "meh"


Gah! I'm in no mood to do anything! DDDDDDDDDDDDD=

Sleep. Design - "just sleep on it"
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It's blog time again! More spiel!


I bought a DS.


I got a cold.


Last week of class before mid-semester break.




That seems to be the latest news.

I've been wanting to get a DS for a fair few weeks now.  After many weeks of "Yes I should get one coz it's cool!" and "No, I'm going to stop playing within a month!", I decided that putting a $188 dent in my bank account was for the greater good. That doesn't include the add-ons such as the R4 and screen protectors and the Wi-Fi connector. I will post up a review of some of the games I try later when I ACTUALLY get the R4 from my friend. (Expect it on Wednesday night)

Cold. I CAUGHT A COLD! First time in two years, I caught a cold. I don't know how. I don't know why. Parents and their theories of "You've been sleeping MUCH later recently. Your immune system must be weaker." Well. In that case, only one person is to be ... blamed. (That's such a harsh word). Please don't sue me for defamation! I'm sure sleeping late will be good for me - somehow! ... and thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of "price matching" ^^"

Hmm yes. Last week before the 2 week mid-semester break. NOT HOLIDAYS. It is a NON-INSTRUCTIONAL PERIOD. Sad, but true. I have a house to build and a goddamn history essay to write. The house is coming along nicely and I'm having quite a good time building it. Scale 1:20, not 1:1 of course! Whereas, history can go shove a pole up it's ____ ... you get the point.

And for the second time in my life, I am happy with a mark I received in the dreaded subject of ... HISTORY. In this case, European Architecture aka. history. It was a sketch assignment. Remember that old guy I was commenting about earlier? That Shrine sketch assignment. No, I don't know know what that senior citizen got. No, I will not find out. Anyways, if I got that same mark for the upcoming mama essay, I will be so happy I will... treat you all to an ice-cream o_o.

Off to recover from my cold. aka. sleep.
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Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooog again.

For those who know me "well" (lol 4 watchers), I'm usually a person who sleeps before midnight.


Those times have loooooong passed. All thanks to this wonderful subject called "Architecture Design 1B" I'm breaking PB (personal bests) after PB after PB. Averaging 4 hours less sleep everyday, I am going to share my sleep deprivation effects with you.

1) For some reason, I started WAKING earlier (no matter what time I slept)
2) You start to forget things. (I left my phone AND my water bottle on one day)
3) Your maths and general logic fails. ($10 - $7 = $3 not anything else I had thought @_@)
4) You begin to endanger your own life. (I almost got run over by cars TWICE today)
5) You will now think 1am is VERY early, and you have plenty of time to work.
6) Your sibling(s) will start complaining.

In my case number 6, here's what my brother said to me one night.

"Alan, go to sleep. Turn off the net."
"Otherwise I'll CS till midnight ... and i got a SAC tomorrow."

When's holidays? I want holidays. You want holidays. We want holidays.

"Dude, it's only 4 weeks into the semester."
"Shut up."

Something interesting - Credits to the old man doing Architecture. I think he's 80+

European History A - Draw Shrine of Remembrance.

This old man, sat FAR FAR back from the Shrine, making drawing the tiny details of the entablature near impossible. Who says the older you get the worse your eyesight becomes?!  
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Wow, I'm so bored I'm blogging for the 1st time ever. *notes down date of achievement*

Uni is...going well. Semester 2 owns Semester 1; I don't sleep though history anymore! Semester 1 history's lecturer's voice was like a lullaby (NO IT WAS NOT SWEET), it was b-o-r-i-n-g. Now the new guy speaks so fast you HAVE to pay attention - which is a good thing I guess.

For those who are considering doing Architecture in Melb Uni, make sure you have a REALLY deep pocket. Week 1 - $10 of balsa wood; week 2 - $15 of balsa wood, etc... not to mention other gadgets like cutting mat and all sorts of other expensive stuff.

Hmm...something about art... I won't be uploading much art anytime soon. Not doing any nice drawings this semester. BUT. I might put up some of my digital design modelling work here so people who aren't doing architecture can feel all low and sad because they don't get to do all the cool stuff we do xD

zZzzz...going to wake up to another day of more balsa wood purchases...
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