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Long post ahead. Only for archis to read, other people won't have a clue what's going on (and it'll be a waste of time)

--- Mosques ---

The traditional Javanese form of a mosque was a tall, multi-roofed, open hall space supported by timber columns. The heirachy of the roof depended on the purpose, the types of rituals and activities carried on there and the social status of its occupants. During a ritual, the position of a moment of pause or an object held in veneration should be marked with a centralized superstructure. The superstructure forms the peak of the mosque. It is supported by four timber columns (saka guru), occasionally six. These columns are said to channel spiritual energy. The ceiling is usually carved as a lotus blossom.

During the sixteenth century, mosque towers began to appear in the old pilgrimage town of Kudus. At the top of these towers was an open space with a double roofed pavilion, which could be reached by a steep brick stair on the west side.

There was no major change in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries.

Towards the end of the eighteenth century, the Dutch East India Trading Company collapsed, and there was a greater resistance to the Netherlands government. As a result, new additions to the mosque were seen. The most important was the addition of the freestanding menara (minaret). A minaret is a tall spire with onion shaped crowns. Also, the traditional Islamic domes began to appear. The mosques came in three standard sizes - 15, 17, 19 metres square. The timber columns which were so spiritually significant in the traditional Javanese mosque were omitted.

--- Rural Thailand ---

Housing in Thailand is greatly influenced by local soap operas and idealized housing advertisements. Brochures were given out to people who visited housing estates and advertisements were published in Bangkok magazines and newspapers. The money spent on advertising housing by the government is greater than any other product.

The set in soap operas usually depict an idealized European styled house. There were elaborate staircases, classical column, arches, porticoes; all of which are lavishly decorated, generous interior spaces, external decorations included Grecian columns and marble statues.  

Thailand is the only south east Asian country not to be colonized. Yet, the housing in Thailand have a strong European influence. This was due to the trading done between the Thailand and other European countries. For example, the Krisda Marina housing estate. It consists of 15 housing models all of which have European names rather than Thai names. The gardens were also given European names such as "Maple" and "Violet", palm trees used replicated those from the west coat of America. In advertisements, the streets were clean, children were playing, people were talking and the landscape was manicured. This is in stark contrast to the common images of pollution and congestion present in Bangkok.

A typical house in Thailand beginning from the entry consisted of the "sala", internal living space, "deep space" bedrooms, bathroom and garage. The "sala" is an outdoor living space shared by members of the family and extended family. Cooking is usually done there as well. Thai people spend most of their time in the sala as the interior of the house gets uncomfortably hot during the daytime.

--- Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya ---

There was a problem of flooding and congestion in Kuala Lumpur; something had to move out. The Federal government was officially moved out of the city centre in June 1993 to form a new city midway between Kuala Lumpur and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (designed by Kisho Kurokawa). The location was chosen as it had good infrastructre and it was an all-in-one landholding. The new city formed was Putrajaya (and Cyberjaya). A competition was held to design Putrajaya, and Kun Lim from BEP Architects won. His design had a central axis, as he believed all major cities should have an axis. He then tried to "get organic" to relieve the formality of the axis by creating a lake. His stage one plan in 1995, from north to south, consisted of: government house, grand bridge, commercial precinct, civil and cultural precinct and a sports and recreational precinct. The stage two plan, from north to south, consisted of: the royal palace, prime minister's office, commercial and administrative precinct and the convention centre.

Post modern hyperspace is the stretching of space and time to accommodate the vastly accelerating flow of capital, people, information, ideas and design which have characterized the present time. The hyperspace comprises the space of jetliners, international airports, hotels, shopping malls and their franchise, billboards and logos. This enables cities to compete for new users of the city; the international tourists, the business travellers, the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the investors.

Hyper-tradition is the exaggeration of traditional motifs to accentuate the identity of a particular place.

--- Shop houses ---

Guangzhou shop houses

The space inside the shop house is a flexible space. There are no glass or columns. The width of the shop house is so narrow, no internal columns are necessary. There is communal bathroom. Shop houses are so small as they require no plumbing. Five foot ways are present. A five foot way is the footpath which shop owners use as part of their shop to sell their goods. It is sheltered from wind and rain by the verandah of the 1st floor of the shop house. There is a hole in the internal ceiling of the ground floor - this is to pass a certain product from the storage upstairs to the shop front downstairs. Likewise, there is a hatch on the ceiling over the five foot way, to haul up stock from below. Storage space is formed from a rebate in the wall and in the unused gable space in the roof.

Hanoi shop houses

Also known as "tube houses", as they are remarkably narrow. The reason behind why they are so narrow is because the tax charged on the shop house is dependent on the width of the property. They are typically six to seven stories with a prayer room on the very top level. Often a net is put up in the stairwell to act as a safety net for babies. Many families share one shop house, as many as 20 people. There is no five foot way present in Hanoi shop houses.

Sinaiwan shop house

Many other shop houses in Singapore have been burnt down due to the burning of incense add candles. Any type of burning is prohibited in this region now. Typically they are 5 x 36m and double storey, with the shop area taking up the front 5 x 10m. From the front to back of the shop house, the spaces include: shop front, bathroom, living, kitchen, garage and toilet. On the first floor (stairs from the living room), the spaces consisted of three bedrooms, living, another bedroom and the verandah. This verandah provided shelter for the five foot way below. During opening hours, the shop front are completely open, and during closing hours, wooden planks are erected to block access. The shop name usually had no reference the the purpose of the shop. A highly decorated facade differentiated each shop house. Like many other Chinese buildings, feng shui principles are applied. For example, one shop owner drew a swordfish in the wet cement to deflect and sha qi that would enter his shop.

--- Tropical  House ---

After Singapore gained independence in 1965, several architectural outcomes were established. They were: shop houses, kampong (a village made up of stilt houses), HDB apartments and condominiums.

To live in a "house" in a land scarce city is very fortunate, only affordable to the few wealthy Singaporeans and Western expatriates. A typical house is located against the landscape with a pure geometric form with a pristine interior which reflected the trend in minimalistic Japanese architecture. The houses are climate orientated (as they are located in the tropical region) and are naturally ventilated. Living by the waterfront is also very popular. The first floor is raised on stilts which cover the void deck. The void deck is used for processing raw materials, storage and shelter for any livestock. In the evening, aromatic fires are lit to fumigate the house of mosquitoes. This void deck element is carried into the modern condominiums. For example, One Moulmein Rise, designed by WOHO Architects, has an empty ground level, with pools.

--- Arthur Purnell ---

Arthur Purnell studied architecture at Gordon College, now known as Deakin University, and studied drawing at Geelong School of Arts. There are several theories as to why Purnell went to China. One of which was, he met his idol, the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright who said he was inspired by the "Ho-o-den" pavilion at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. Hence, he encouraged Purnell to travel to Asia to study those types of architecture. Another theory was, Purnell read the book "An Australian in China" by Ernest Morrison. That too may have influence Purnell to go to China. Either way, he worked for a Hong Kong firm - William Danby, Architects & Engineers in the early 1900s. He impressed his employer so much, Purnell was sent to work at Guangzhou at an island named Shamian. Shamian was an island set aside by the Chinese government for foreign settlers.

In 1904, he left William Danby and formed Purnell & Paget, partnering Charles Paget. Together they submitted the winning design for the H.M. Customs Building in Guangzhou, which saw them off to a flying start. They worked on all sorts of projects, no job was ever too small. At first, most of their works were renovations. A typical example is the East Asiatic Trading Company, which Purnell and Paget renovated in 1905. Like many other renovations they did, they simply extended building into the verandah and up to the external colonnade. Purnell was a member of the Canton Club. He designed a new entrance for that club in 1906. Their most significant work was the design of the South China Cement Factory in 1907. It was a pair of Italianate styled buildings. In 1917, the cement factory became the Presidential Palace for Sun Yat Sen; one building was used for administrative purposes, the other for accommodation.

Purnell had lost interest in Purnall & Paget when he arrived back in Melbourne in 1910, due to his wife's decision. His reputation in Guangzhou was useless in Melbourne, he had to start from scratch. As he was familiar with working with the Chinese, Purnell began to work in Chinatown and its proximity. He designed several shop houses and houses. Two of the houses he built for himself, he named them "Shameen". One of his last works was the design for the grandstand at the MCG.

--- Walter Burley Griffin ---

Griffin was influenced by many sources. James Fergusson's book "History of Indian and Eastern Architecture" revealed the stupa and golden gate of the sun forms to Griffin. Furthermore, William Lethaby's book - "Architecture, Mysticism & Myths" recalled studies from Fergusson's book with the addition of the ziggurat form. Griffin's designs were all influenced by these three forms: the ziggurat, stupa and the golden gate of the Sun.

His design for the Capitol Building in Canberra in 1911, was a "modern manifestation" of the ziggurat form. It was a central stepped pyramidal mass on a cubic base, flanked in the four cardinal directions by gable-roofed wings. The ziggurat form was sourced from the Anada Temple in Burma.

Griffin was interested in the architectonics. The ziggurat form had the architectonic of the platform mass, the stupa had the dome dynamics, and the gate of the golden sun had the pier and lintel. In some of Griffin's work, he uses square sectioned piers or posts, capped with a single overhanging square block. Griffin frequently worked with the architectonic of "feeling the weight of the building".

Other common motifs present in Griffin's works is the raked gable roof. The source is from a 1898 National Geographic magazine, it displayed a building with a telescoping roof series and buffalo horn at ridge ends. Griffin also preferred to use reinforced concrete.

The dessin was the conception of a design in terms of horizontal and vertical planes subjected to modular measurement and dimensioning. This mood was opposite in effect to the conception of a building as a series of views that flow together. This difference in design conception, between the dessin and the picturesque, distinguished the expression of structure found it the work of Griffin, in contrast to the painterly and pictorial approach in Frank Lloyd Wright's work.

His design for Newman College at Melbourne University, was a pronounced square lantern enclosure, inspired by the ziggurat form, and the pueblo adobe. The rotunda dome with exposed ribs supported a central mast, in the form of a fleche. 12 pinnacles radiate from the central fleche to represent Christ and his twelve disciples. The cloister space was sourced from Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Rameswaram in South India. The battered base in the cloisters are influences from the Japanese Buddhist Bell Tower. Typical Chinese temple elements were also used at Newman College - the base element, the midway roof, the triple windows and the triangulated roof.

Finished. That took ... 4 hours. By the way, my mood is not "screwed". I put it there coz I liked the animation.
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*Looking for a social life*
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So here I was working hard today on my house construction model...

I decided to put in some glazing for the windows and glass doors in my model. I had bought some thick perspex from Bunnings yesterday for this specific purpose. Perfectly cut ... well not quite. Good enough. All was good until...


Uhu glue is very messy. A bit of glue smudged here, a lil bit there ... and the whole piece of perfectly transparent (yes, it really is a stunning looking piece of plastic) turns into quite literally... a piece of shit.

I stuck three of them on, and knowing me (if you do), I do not tolerate "pieces of shit".

So I ripped them out. No glazing. Blair can go cry if he doesn't see any glazing. I don't give a crap.

On another note, the model is coming along nicely. Due on Thursday. Bit stressed for time, but I should be alright with it. Still to complete:
- Purlins
- Roof cladding
- External cladding
- Minor touch-ups to make it look pretty

After working on that model, I tell myself "Oh I'll work on some design now."

*Unrolls trace with drawings*

*Stares for 15 minutes*

*Rolls up drawings*


Happy upcoming dates =D

End of semester - 29th May.
End of exams - 17th June.

Let's talk about life outside uni. Or whatever is left of it.

Umm... ummm o_O


I want to play badminton? Any sport in general?

Gawd. What has life become...
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I love doing anything BUT homework. Don't we all? Cept I feel this problem's been getting worse...

I have a few things to add to my list of "useless skills in life".
- Solving a Rubik's cube to a satisfactory time *check*
- Folding 1000 paper cranes *check-ing*
- <NEW> Solving the Rubik's cube blindfolded
- <NEW> Create some of Satoshi Kamiya's masterpieces

I have a sudden obsession with his works. He is a Japanese origami master. 3 of his works which I want to (eventually) learn are:
- Ancient Dragon -…
- Phoenix -
- Wizard -
- Bahamut (aka Divine Dragon)-…

Hopefully I will complete AT LEAST one of them within a year or two. The Divine Dragon ... eheh... well.. I'll give myself another few more years for that one.

But here's the problem.

The instructions to Satoshi Kamiya's creations are only available in a book.

Works of Satoshi KAMIYA
Model Design and Diagrams : Satoshi KAMIYA
Editor : Makoto Yamaguchi / Transrator : Koichi Tateishi
Bilingual (Japanese and English)

And seeing that I live in a country where origami is not very popular, getting my hands on this book will be a bit of trouble. Yes, I can buy it online... but still undecided about whether I should actually get myself into another gigantic pit of procrastination.

Oh and there's also the technicalities of paper type and sizes I have to worry about. I wouldn't think the standard stationery shop would sell the type of paper suitable for this kind of origami. Looking into forums, many people use "foil paper". It looks like paper, thinner, and with a layer of foil on top.

I guess...even if I don't end up folding any of this insane origami models, it'll be a nice book to have.

On more origami news, I have embark on a terribly exciting [/sarcasm] journey to fold 1000 paper cranes. Inspired by ... Mary. Currently at 130/1000 cranes folded. I will myself to fold 10 a night ... let's see how long that will last. Worse still. They're tiny. Folding with 4x4cm coloured paper, the finished crane body is 6mm wide (including wings then ~40mm) and 20mm high. I'm generally not a patient type. I have "odd patience".

I was read that story about the 1000 cranes and the sick Japanese girl back in primary school. How does it go again?
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Cliche? It'll do.

One word I've used to sum up my 4 month holiday - productive.

Not in any biological way. Don't want any questions about that.

Productive as in, earnt some cold hard cash, made/making a few models (optional of course), purchased a new wardrobe and maintained a half decent social life. Oh and not to mention my wonderful incident with my splendid left ankle.

In chronological order (merely coz I really can't be bothered thinking...much), HK holiday popped up first. No need to repeat what I said in my earlier journal.

Oh man, the first 3 weeks in January was a real drag. Went to my parents' aged care centre to mainly to help design a brochure and a little bit of other design work (so minute I didn't even know what I was doing). Those were 3 emotionally painful weeks. 3 days a week, 9am - 6pm. Pay was decent I must admit, but just too draining.

A "miracle" stuck me on the last week of January. I applied a job at Kumon (a tuition centre for mainly primary school kids), who returned my call...finally! I applied in July 07 and they call me in Jan 08. I would have thought my resume had been shreaded and put into one of those dog kennel things. But apparently not.

Anyways, the lady on the phone spoke to my brother and basically said, "Come in for an interview tomorrow. Start working whether you pass that or not. Oh and you can come too (referring to my brother)." Desperate much?

Kumon was a wonderful job. Teaching school kids how do do maths and English. Not really teaching...assisting. Kumon have their "theories" on independent learning...blah blah blah. I'm just glad to help people. Apparently, the centre I assisted in (Ivanhoe) was one of the best, if not the best, in Victoria? Or so the boss claims. Not that I really care. But the students there were actually working oddly independent. Can you imagine sitting yourself down at a centre for around 2 hours, twice a week, and do maths and English? No talking, no mucking around. Just work. On top of school homework.

However, Kumon didn't end up being the little gem that it was. I quit. Mainly coz of three reasons. 1) There just isn't enough time for an Architecture student to have a job like this; 2) Pay was so low it could have been illegal; 3) The boss (and her husband) weren't the most considerate people in the world. I quit a week before Uni started again. Too bad for them. Too bad for me.

Let's move to a slightly brighter side of the remainder of the holidays.

Build/made two origami models. Folding a few hundred of triangle pieces and building it together to form a shape. I've uploaded them on DA already, just browse my gallery if you haven't already done so. And thank you do the people who have left all those positive comments. =)



Getting late. Last story.

Once upon a time, on the day before Valentines Day, my ankle decided to do funny things to me. Badminton at MSAC and 10min into the session I jumped. Either I landed funny and twist my ankle. OR. I landed on a feather, slipped, and rolled my ankle. Either way, I ended up having a really screwed up ankle. Silly of me to keep playing for another 2 hours. Oh wells...don't cry over spilt milk.

So, there was I limping home on the train. With my wonderful brother taking good care of me by...walking ahead and happily skipping along. Probably hoping I'd fallen over a few blocks back and rolled into the ditched and never to see sunlight again. Who knows.

I actually did my ankle really good this time. Really good as in...really bad. By the time I got home, it was swollen that it barely fit in my shoes. And somewhat blue.

Off to see some Chinese massage/acupuncture dude later that evening.

Oh yes. He is the true meaning of a SADIST.

I'll let your personal experiences describe it for you. If you haven't ever tried, I hope you have a pleasurable time. =)

That "dude" prescribed some Chinese medicine patch to put on my ankle and wrap it up everyday. The suddenly he throws a line at me, "Acupuncture. Now. Usually I do 35min, today, you new, I do 25min."

If he wasn't my Dad's friend, I would have kneed him in the face. And bailed.

Being a real man (no, I did not wear pink), I laid there and copped a new experience.

Two needles into the ankle, not as painful as injections, but definitely noticeable. Set up some generator, and ran an electric current through my leg. No idea about the voltage or amps. I'm alive. That's all that matters.

25 minutes later. And 10 minutes more of sadistic massage therapy. Just as I was about to leave, he said, "Tuesday. Again. Acupuncture. 10am."

I bailed.

So there I was, limping around at home for a week. In fact, unable to walk on Valentine's Day. And my wonderful brother...omg I forgot to say...


Back to my wonderful brother. He cares for me so much that within that first week of me and my bad ankle, he goes and attempts to organize THREE badminton session with friends.

Is spite love?

Lol, please don't take that question too seriously! ^^"
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It has been a while....

Hong Kong was good for the 1st time ever in my life! Parents? PSSSHH what parents? Ditched those two loooong ago =D That's the way shopping is supposed to be I realized. They even referred to themselves as the "Mobile Bank". Damn right they are! ^__^

As for my shopping list...markers...yea? I got a few, but not as many as I would have thought. There wasn't the brand I was after. However, I did buy a pack of 24 of PANTONE Universe. They seem to have an excessive number of pink markers in that box >_>

Towards the end of the trip, some friends too me to an art shop! There were Copic markers there! I only snatched up a few coz they were actually quite expensive. Equivalent to $5 AUD. Only to find out once I was back in Australia that they were selling it for ~$9 here. =___=

Moving on....clothes! I actually went clothes shopping. Without parents. It was good. Plenty of jeans, shirts and 3 pairs of shoes! Gosh I wished I had jeans a year earlier! On the night before we left HK, my bro and I went around the shopping centre of HK in search for one more pair of jeans. But we couldn't find any! More because we were broke. That's not the point. Weird thing is, as soon we got to the airport the following day, the 1st shop at the entrance was a U-right shop (clothes). We bought two pairs right on the spot and stuffed them into the hand carry =D

Something else that happened in the HK holiday... my family and I went to some place in China, not too far from HK. Catching up with a family fried who also went back for a short holiday just like us. It was the weirdest 3 days of my life. Hm... a tad exaggerated perhaps. Anyways, we were basically given a VIP treatment. That family friend of ours was really well "connected" (not to the local mafia), but...just quite well off. In brief, we were treated to a 2 night stay in a new hotel, seemingly expensive meals, massages and even a dinner with the local Mayor! Notice how I said "seemingly expensive". Great thing about China is... labour is dirt cheap. Like REALLY dirt cheap. Best example would be the massage. $2b brand new hotel, private room, 7 one seat sofas, unlimited supply of drinks, fruits and soup and a full hour of massage. $7 AUD. How the hell are you supposed to make a living out of that?!

So those were my highlights of that HK trip. Good times~

Back to the real world in Australia...hmm....

Working once again. At the terribly boring aged care centre. No I assure you. I am not a nurse there. You shall be shot if you say that I am. Serious. Dead serious.

The boss there got me to help her with design and advertising stuff at the moment, Photoshop, photowhoring the new building next door (the one being advertised) and some Windows Movie Maker for dodgy amateur videos shot inside the aged care to teach those silly nurses how to wash dishes and that kind of boring stuff.

Speaking of which. The software that comes with the Sony Handycam is SHIT. Pissed me off sooooo badly this morning coz of that freaking ************* program.

Moving on... I work Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. And believe it or not, for the 1st time ever, I've been out everyday since I've been back from HK! (That's more than month!) HUGE difference between my previous holidays - where I sat at home in front of the stupid computer day in day out.

Something worth mentioning is the couple of times I've been out with a good bunch of friends. The 1st time being my brother cross-dressing. That's only memorable coz of the insomnia he caused me. The 2nd time being a fun night of Pictionary where once brother making a fool of himself. When asked to draw "Africa", he drew a stick figure and shaded in the head. ...

The last time being...yesterday. The day started off fairly normal, cept I threatened to drive though someone's garage if she didn't get out of her house in 30seconds. And after being cheered up by a gay pedophile movie aka. Kite Runner (which of course would have been my brother's idea), we sprinted to the car and headed off to 2 hours of badminton. A new found addiction and obsession! That sprint to the car screwed up my knees bad. I can't crouch or squat...still.

But the highlight of the day was when we went back to a friends house and played a stupid card game named "Slap". With a twist of course! If you lose a game of Slap, you will be slapped. Not an ordinary slap. Not a spanking either. G-rated. But rather violent slaps. By the end of the day, the back of my hands were bruised and bleeding. As was my brother's back. And some other guy's arm was red.

And with all those injuries, I still have to go to work. Two days in a row. Life sux when I work. It's boring. And anti-social.

Want to get back to uni...

If only I typed this efficiently back in high school.
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-Balls?- (is that the word for more intense crying? o_O)

You get the point.

As of tomorrow 12:30pm, I will be leaving home to go to Hong Kong for a month long holiday. Scheduled to be back on the 31st of December morning, but possibly earlier than that as I have no place to stay for 2 nights towards the end of the holiday. We'll see...

I will be having birthday while I'm in HK. December 16th. No friends cept for one. o_O

I'm very happy that an awesome bunch of my friends threw me a surprise party for me today! Now we're even :iconjannettella:!!!

So my day...

:iconjannettella: took me to the Eureka Tower (tallest building in Melbourne for those of you who don't know) and we went to the SKydeck - the viewing platform. The lift up was CRAZY fast. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..., 88.  First impressions? No it wasn't a jaw-dropping moment, but it was definitely...very cool. We walked around the deck for an hour or so and photowhored the scenery (not myself).

Jannette was searching for a specific tree (named the Faerie Tree) in the Botanical Gardens from the viewing platform. I assure you...she's sane. -looks away-
In the meantime, I was going round the platform looking at mini toy trains, and an tiny Shrine of Remembrance.

Oh yes! I must point out that the toilets up there are really quite...interesting. Dark and uniquely designed. (Will put into my next design class =D)

Moving on...

So we went off to find this mysterious "Faerie Tree" somewhere besides the lake at the Gardens. We decided to cut through the Shrine as we thought that would be the shortest route. When we arrived, Jann stood down from the entrance, and started crab-walking from side to side. Hmm yes...sane she is.

Once we reached the visitors' center at the Gardens, she asked for the location of this "Faerie Tree".

"That's in Fitzroy Gardens." -dreams shatter-

So change of plan, let's go for a walk near the lake. And so we walked.

We got to a path where the lake was literally to the side, but Jannette insisted we keep going straight. Like everyone knows, never argue with women.

We basically walked back and forth a couple of times until Jannette suddenly skipped ahead and made a turn to the right.

-Switches goes on- Ahha!

I turn the corner and I see... 3 other of my uni friends under a pretty purple tree all geared up for a picnic! -feels special-

Food was plenty. Jann baked heaps. Barbie baked heaps. Drinks were plenty. Ohh...I'll get to the icecream.

Jann made wonderful apple pie, lamingtons and bananna bread.

Barbie made awesome cookies.

Now for the icecream. Someone bought a 2L of vanilla icecream. Today was at least 30 degrees. No cooler bag. No eskii (spellling?) You can probably guess. There wasn't much "ice" left in the icecream. It looked more like cake mix or cream...lots of it.

Yes we ate some of it until we decided it was best if someone took it home to freeze it again.

So there we sat; under a purple tree which showered flowers onto us. Tub of melted icecream, abundance of food and drink, with a group of friends. Good way to spend my last day in Melbourne for a month don't you think? =)

Present-wise - :iconjannettella: gave me a hardcore rubick's cube! DiY Black Rubick's Cube. Awesome present - in almost the perfect timing! Muhahaha! Now I can cut my solve down to hopefully under 60 seconds!

That was my wonderful day. Special thanks to Jannette :iconjannettella:, Barbie :iconbarbieee:, Anna :iconmisyo: and Michael for making it a very memorable day~!

Back to my HK rant.

I will miss you all. (except for :iconimari03:) Oh so mean. (By the way, nice job with your latest deviation.)

I will try my best to update my journal from HK if I have time. It could be my primary source of communication with the outside world. o_O

PS. I have learnt something from the Rubick's Cube. Life is a Rubick's Cube. We just need the right algorithms to solve it.
Dear diary,

Today I walked. I walked a lot more than I usually do. Today, I walked as much as my whole semester's worth of walking. So much walking.

Some friends and I organized a surprise belated birthday party for another good friend. Things ran as smoothly as's bottom? How cliche.

We need better weathermen and people who work at the Beaureu. We nominated the 19th to hold this awesome day...not knowing it would be the hottest day in all of November.

Curse those damn flies! At least 3 of us ALMOST had the extra special appetizer from the Australian menu - the common housefly.


I'm done for the year. Free as a feather. More cliche.

I'm so happy that my schedule is decently full! Mid-semester break was terrible. I sat in front of the computer day in day out. NOW, I have something planned for the majority of the week! (Until I go to HK at the end of the month.)

I shall speak of my exams when I get my results...sometime in mid-December. All I can say is, I PREFER VCE.

Next thing in mind....

I am going to Hong Kong at the end of the month, leaving on the 29th of November; me thinks. And returning on 31st December morning. It'll probably be fun for the 1st week or so, but after that it's going to be a drag. No friends (well not many anyways), no internet (that MSN, no games, no youtube) Internet is like a NEED for people from our generation. Take it away and we become social-rejects! (Ok..maybe the other way round) Point is - I'm used to having the internet at least 12 hours a day. In HK, it'll be like 12 hours in a week! ARGH~!

Things to buy:
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
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- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers
- Markers for friends
- More markers
- More markers
- More markers
- More markers
- Clothes? A little vain I have become since HS. But nowhere near as vain as metros.

At long last, I shall be returning to my "precious" violin. Made a commitment to play in a small church band twice a month~

DA-related news - I will post up some of my architecture work I did this year up when I can be bothered.

Stolen from :iconcalc:

Take this quiz and find out how girly you are. (GUYS TOO) Put x's beside each thing that's true. Each x that you put is one percent. Have fun!!

[ ] My fingernails/toenails are almost always done
[ ] During the summer the only shoes i wear are flip flops
[ ] My favorite toys as a child were barbies
[ ] My favorite colour is pink or purple
[x] I did Gymnastics.
[ ] I love skirts.
[ ] Hollister is one of my favorite places to shop.
[ ] Tight jeans are the only jeans i'll wear.
[ ] I love chocolate
[ ] I've never had a real job.


[ ] My hair is almost always straightened
[ ] I have at least 8 myspace pictures
[ ] I usually go shopping once a week
[ ] I love to hang out at the mall with friends
[ ] I have a real diamond ring or diamond necklace or earings.
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon.
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan.
[ ] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes.
[ ] I watch either the OC or Laguna Beach.
[ ] I change my icon weekly.
[ ] I wear a shower cap.


[ ] I don't shop at Hot Topic.
[x] My cell phone might as well become a part of me.
[ ] I wear mascara everyday.
[ ] I've been or am on a diet.
[ ] Bathing suits are adorable.
[ ] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat.
[ ] Big sunglasses are hot.
[ ] I have gotten my nails done before.
[ ] MTV is one of my favorite channels.


[ ] All I want to do at sleepovers is talk about boys!
[ ] I love to have girls do my hair.
[ ] I give and receive hugs from all my friends.
[x] I hate bugs.
[ ] Carnivals are so fun!
[ ] Summer is THE best season.
[ ] My swimsuit has 2 pieces
[ ] I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor.
[ ] Musicians are so hot.
[ ] You write me a poem and tell me I'm beautiful and I'm all yours.


[ ] I am self-conscious.
[ ] I cry often.
[ ] My car smells like vanilla or cherry.
[x] My dishes get washed more than once a week.
[ ] I don't do sports.
[ ] I HATE to run.
[ ] I squeal when I am surprised or angry.
[ ] I eat dried fruit as a snack.
[ ] I love romance novels.
[ ] Drew Barrymore is so cute.


[ ] I dance a lot.
[ ] Usually spend an hour or over to get ready to leave my house.
[ ] Only have like 5 billion hair products.
[ ] Love to get dressed up.
[ ] Every part of my outfit needs to match.
[ ] I talk on the phone at least once a day to my friends.
[ ] I would love to have a photo shoot.
[ ] I apply lip stuff 50 times a day.
[ ] I wish I were a model.


[ ] I wish I could meet Paris Hilton.
[ ] I have been something that was semi.
[ ] I own Uggs.
[ ] Hip Hop is the best music.
[ ] I pop my collar.
[ ] I like to be the center of attention.
[ ] Guys with Mohawks are crazy.
[ ] Horses are beautiful.
[ ] I'd rather not pay attention in school.
[ ] Cats are adorable.


[ ] I write my own music.
[ ] I would love to visit Hawaii.
[ ] Valentine's day is so cute!
[ ] White is better than black.
[ ] I wouldn't be caught dead in all black.
[ ] My closet is STOCK FULL of clothes.
[ ] Hate the grunge look.
[ ] I love to read magazines.


[ ] I love to gossip.
[ ] I had Lisa Frank folders/posters/notebooks as a kid.
[ ] I love Celine Dion.
[ ] My bubble baths are 1-2hrs long.
[ ] My wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned.
[ ] My friends and I are in a strict group. We mostly only hang out with each other.
[ ] I like little kids.
[ ] Diet drinks are the best.
[ ] I'm all about being vegetarian.
[ ] I refuse to eat at McDonalds.


[ ] I check my myspace everyday.
[ ] I love life!
[ ] I have a lot of jewelry!
[ ] My screen name(s) have x's in them.
[ ] Either one of my myspace names has/had <3's or in them.
[ ] I would never want to be the opposite sex.
[x] It's not what he/she said it's the way he/she said it.
[ ] I have more than 3 pillows on my bed.



That wasn't very interesting. o_O
YAY class is finished? I guess that's a relief. what have I been up to lately...

Archi design model, archi design folio, DDM folio. Nothing fascinating about that kind of stuff.

Oh oh... ZELDA PHANTOM HOURGLASS is a freaking awesome game. As good as Ocarina of Time, if not better! The puzzles are extremely original (some due to the cool new features of the NDS) Like... you can blow on the torches to put them out. No, the NDS is not air pressure sensitive...that'd be crazy. I think it's the sound/voice recognition that does the trick.

Gawsh...I want more active people on my DA. D= Only 2 of my watches are active. Points at :iconjannettella: and :iconcalc:


Directed at PyroTales - WE'RE ONE BIG FAMILY AND DON'T EVER FORGET THAT! corny. Your fault :iconiivanx3:.

Oh, something I haven't spieled about. A got a job couple weeks back. Tutoring maths in some Kumon like thing, but nowhere near as large. One class per year level (Year 7 to 12) and approximately 10 people per class. The ... supervisior asked me to "help teach" the Year 9 class at the moment because the current Year 10 tutor is finishing end of this year. I'll be taking his place next year! Year 10 maths is all good...apart from *gasp* *gasps again* p-r-o-b-a-b-i-l-i-t-y.

Recently, I got addicted to this odd thing called the Rubix/Rubicks/Rubics cube. Y'know that cube with 9 smaller coloured squares and you twist it and spin it till it all fits back nicely. Martin has done something useful(?) for the first time in his life. He learnt how to solve the Rubix Cube from youtube and TAUGHT ME. So there I was, twisting my poor cube to death. A few nights ago, I spent SIX hours googling and youtubing how to do the damn cube faster... like teh pr0z.

Turns out there are lots of different ways to solve the cube:
1. n00bz0rz way - Layer by Layer OR Layer by Layer with single Keyhole (takes me around 2.5 minutes)
2. pr0z0rz ways - Fridrich OR Petrus method (takes the pr0z less than 20 SECONDS!)

I tried learning the Fridrich method...until I found out you had to memorize around 100 algorithms (twisting combinations - I guess you call them that). Meh...maybe when I have time.

Anyways, back to the current day where my favourite history subjects always has something exciting happening. Most of us got the fun-fun-fun-fun...-fun essays back. Average score of 60.33%. Don't worry :iconjannettella:, I'm not assholish enough to blurt out your score. (Last time I did that I got burnt.) Anyways... from the people I've asked, the average seemed to be below 60.33% - seems to be more around mid 50s? Although I know 3 people who got 80%+ Grats to them!

More history news...trial visual exam (history). It takes the failing rate to a whole new level. Basically, the almighty Miles Lewis (lecturer) shows pictures of 30 or so buildings or portion of buildings and us students have to write down "Who? Where? When?"

If that WASN'T a trail, I feel confident to say at least 95% people would have failed. =)

No it wasn't terribly hard. Just that noone actually studied for it.

Ok. Enough blogging. It's almost 4am. Two nights in a row! I'm on fire!

G'night...crap. It's morning now.

Good morning~!

(PS. Ayumi Hamasaki's singles HEAVEN and WILL and ALTERNA are absolutely f***ing awesome)

*** EDIT: YAY I CAN NOW DO THAT LINK THINGO *spams* :iconbopbob::iconbopbob::iconbopbob:
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Something feels weird today. Lifeless? Dull? Boring?

Maybe it's just me feeling guilty sleeping till noon, and not doing enough work to compensate for the "wasted" time. >_>

I've been spending the day designing a house/cabin for an architect by the name of Kazuyo Sejima, as part of the subject Architectural Design 1B. Having built a model and done a drawing of an initial design, I decided to change my mind completely. just isn't my thing. > > > *NEEDS INSPIRATION* < < <

Anyways, a week has passed since the holiday, aka. non-instruction-period, aka. the-long-long-two-weeks-of-agonizing-EMOTIONAL-pain-and-lack-of-sleep-and-toxic-fumes-from-super-glue-and-much-much-more.

Quite a crappy life really.

Wake, model, sleep. Repeat. It would have been tolerable if sleep was 15 hours and 9 hours modeling, but that certainly was not the case. 15 hours modeling and 9 hours sleep.

Recent random mildly interesting events:
- demonstration of the indestructible new iPod touchscreen
- more stoners in the Architecture building than ever seen before

Here's a random thought that popped into my head which I'll share with you people.

Why do I just seem to start slacking off AFTER the mid-semester break? Same thing happened last semester. I was working real hard and producing some good work before the short 2 week break. Now it's like....homework, *scribble*, "meh"


Gah! I'm in no mood to do anything! DDDDDDDDDDDDD=

Sleep. Design - "just sleep on it"
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It's blog time again! More spiel!


I bought a DS.


I got a cold.


Last week of class before mid-semester break.




That seems to be the latest news.

I've been wanting to get a DS for a fair few weeks now.  After many weeks of "Yes I should get one coz it's cool!" and "No, I'm going to stop playing within a month!", I decided that putting a $188 dent in my bank account was for the greater good. That doesn't include the add-ons such as the R4 and screen protectors and the Wi-Fi connector. I will post up a review of some of the games I try later when I ACTUALLY get the R4 from my friend. (Expect it on Wednesday night)

Cold. I CAUGHT A COLD! First time in two years, I caught a cold. I don't know how. I don't know why. Parents and their theories of "You've been sleeping MUCH later recently. Your immune system must be weaker." Well. In that case, only one person is to be ... blamed. (That's such a harsh word). Please don't sue me for defamation! I'm sure sleeping late will be good for me - somehow! ... and thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of "price matching" ^^"

Hmm yes. Last week before the 2 week mid-semester break. NOT HOLIDAYS. It is a NON-INSTRUCTIONAL PERIOD. Sad, but true. I have a house to build and a goddamn history essay to write. The house is coming along nicely and I'm having quite a good time building it. Scale 1:20, not 1:1 of course! Whereas, history can go shove a pole up it's ____ ... you get the point.

And for the second time in my life, I am happy with a mark I received in the dreaded subject of ... HISTORY. In this case, European Architecture aka. history. It was a sketch assignment. Remember that old guy I was commenting about earlier? That Shrine sketch assignment. No, I don't know know what that senior citizen got. No, I will not find out. Anyways, if I got that same mark for the upcoming mama essay, I will be so happy I will... treat you all to an ice-cream o_o.

Off to recover from my cold. aka. sleep.
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Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooog again.

For those who know me "well" (lol 4 watchers), I'm usually a person who sleeps before midnight.


Those times have loooooong passed. All thanks to this wonderful subject called "Architecture Design 1B" I'm breaking PB (personal bests) after PB after PB. Averaging 4 hours less sleep everyday, I am going to share my sleep deprivation effects with you.

1) For some reason, I started WAKING earlier (no matter what time I slept)
2) You start to forget things. (I left my phone AND my water bottle on one day)
3) Your maths and general logic fails. ($10 - $7 = $3 not anything else I had thought @_@)
4) You begin to endanger your own life. (I almost got run over by cars TWICE today)
5) You will now think 1am is VERY early, and you have plenty of time to work.
6) Your sibling(s) will start complaining.

In my case number 6, here's what my brother said to me one night.

"Alan, go to sleep. Turn off the net."
"Otherwise I'll CS till midnight ... and i got a SAC tomorrow."

When's holidays? I want holidays. You want holidays. We want holidays.

"Dude, it's only 4 weeks into the semester."
"Shut up."

Something interesting - Credits to the old man doing Architecture. I think he's 80+

European History A - Draw Shrine of Remembrance.

This old man, sat FAR FAR back from the Shrine, making drawing the tiny details of the entablature near impossible. Who says the older you get the worse your eyesight becomes?!  
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Wow, I'm so bored I'm blogging for the 1st time ever. *notes down date of achievement*

Uni is...going well. Semester 2 owns Semester 1; I don't sleep though history anymore! Semester 1 history's lecturer's voice was like a lullaby (NO IT WAS NOT SWEET), it was b-o-r-i-n-g. Now the new guy speaks so fast you HAVE to pay attention - which is a good thing I guess.

For those who are considering doing Architecture in Melb Uni, make sure you have a REALLY deep pocket. Week 1 - $10 of balsa wood; week 2 - $15 of balsa wood, etc... not to mention other gadgets like cutting mat and all sorts of other expensive stuff.

Hmm...something about art... I won't be uploading much art anytime soon. Not doing any nice drawings this semester. BUT. I might put up some of my digital design modelling work here so people who aren't doing architecture can feel all low and sad because they don't get to do all the cool stuff we do xD

zZzzz...going to wake up to another day of more balsa wood purchases...
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